Our Inception story

On the heels of the pandemic in 2021, International Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher Monica Bey realized many people she knew struggled to find positive music to keep them motivated, uplifted and on track to manifesting new realities. People needed music that was all of this and spiritual but not necessarily religious. Some were able to find a few artists and songs here and there, but the search was rather cumbersome. That’s when Monica got the idea to create something to serve this need. Then MetaSoul® Music was born!

MetaSoul® Music first started as a collection of music videos on Mystic Circle TV ®, a global TV network also owned by Monica, to gauge interest. She quickly realized this idea was a hit and more needed than anticipated. Monica then curated a list of amazing, mostly independent artists creating this exact kind of sound. In June 2022, she and her team got to work for the next phase of MetaSoul® Music, which would be a groundbreaking music streaming app! The first of its kind, MetaSoul® music is now a standalone app for all of your positive vibes music streaming needs.

MetaSoul® Music is a music streaming platform like no other and is the first of it’s kind! MetaSoul® Music brings you positive, spiritual music that is not religious. If you’re into crystals, chakras, higher consciousness, healing and elevating yourself, then this is for you! We have hand selected artists that bring you amazing vibes to help uplift you, heal you, get you dancing and having an amazing time! This, my friends, is music for your soul!