MetaSoul® Music is a music streaming platform like no other and is the first of it’s kind! MetaSoul® Music brings you positive, spiritual music that is not religious. If you’re into crystals, chakras, higher consciousness, healing and elevating yourself, then this is for you! We have hand selected artists that bring you amazing vibes to help uplift you, heal you, get you dancing and having an amazing time! This, my friends, is music for your soul!

Are you tired of not being able to find uplifting and spiritually based music that is not religious? Tired of the negative energy in most of today’s lyrics? Do you want to feed your mind with positive affirmations, hope and inspiration throughout the day and night? MetaSoul® Music is your answer!

We have a great selection of music in all genres and constantly adding more.

-Hip Hop

-Chill Vibes


-Uplifting Music

-Electronic/House music with healing frequencies


-And More!

Just say “Alexa, play Meta Soul Music” and get your vibe on!!

We Support Our Artists

We believe in supporting our artists financially so they can continue making great music. Music feeds the body, mind and soul. Music is a healer. Our artists are, therefore, healers. Let’s give them all the support they need because the world needs more healers.

In addition to paying artists higher rates per stream than any other platform, we also have an Artist Appreciation Payout Program! In this program, we pay 5% of our proceeds every quarter to the artist with the most plays for that quarter. Cha-ching!!

The more you listen, the more you help contribute to the healing of the world.